ESA Turns 50 Years

The Eswatini Sugar Association (ESA) turned 50 years this year. This was in recognition of the fact that ESA was established through the Sugar Act that was enacted on the 13th of April 1967.

Over the last 50 years the industry has seen significant growth from one mill to three mills, certification of refineries to food safety standards, integration of smallholder sugarcane growing schemes into the industry, certification of some Smallholder Sugarcane Growers to Fairtrade, expansion of milling capacity and diversification of industry products. The Eswatini Sugar industry has evolved over the years to become one of the lowest cost producers in the world. The industry has grown in leaps and bounds in terms of the economic contribution to Eswatini, including the sustained growth in revenues generated (reaching E4,6 billion in 2016/17).

Aligned to this commemoration are a series of symbolic events to be held in the final half of the year, including the unveiling of the Sugar Industry Museum, made possible through the generous support of the European Union.