About Us

The SSA is an umbrella organization bringing together all growers and millers of sugarcane. Its highest policy-making body is the Council, where growers and millers have equal representation. The day-to-day functions are run by the SSA office led by a Chief Executive Officer, with its head office located in Mbabane, Technical Services Department located at Simunye and Big Bend whilst there is also an SSA warehouse at Mlawula.

SSA is responsible for providing the services necessary for the regulation and general development of the Swazi sugar industry as well as marketing of all the sugar and molasses produced in the country. SSA provides support services to the entire industry’s value chain which includes agricultural research and extension, cane testing, warehousing and distribution, marketing and policy advocacy.

SSA continues to strive for quality service in its operations and in meeting customer and stakeholder expectations. The SSA operations are based on the ISO 9001:2008 standard, with a supporting quality management system.  The Mission Statement and Quality Policy Statements are available on the About Us link.

We invite you to learn more about our diverse organisation and the industry that we serve by navigating through the various sections of this website.  The website is a means to communicate and avail our services and products to the stakeholders and the public at large.  It is hoped, therefore, that is shall serve the purpose adequately.

To keep the website relevant, value adding and useful to stakeholders, feedback from users would be most welcome. The feedback information is provided anonymously, if desired. In your feedback please comment on the usefulness or otherwise of the website, and suggest areas of improvement. SSA also conducts periodic surveys which are an alternative means to get information on areas of improvement for the website or other operations.

For more information, you can send an email to info@ssa.co.sz.

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