ESA Wins Top Prizes in Workplace Wellness Awards

The Swaziland Sugar Association (SSA) won the top prize for the Best New Wellness Program for 2015. It was also placed second in the category of the Star Performing CEO for the Year, in recognition of the CEO’s commitment to the staff wellness programme at SSA. These awards were presented at a gala dinner hosted by the Swaziland Business Coalition on HIV and AIDS (SWABCHA) on 11 November 2015.

SSA has recently expanded its occupational health and safety programme to encompass programmes aimed at employee wellness. This was in recognition of the imperative that employee wellness in its broader sphere is one of the key contributors to enhanced job performance and productivity in the workplace.  This was also in response to employee feedback obtained during the periodic consultations that SSA management has entrenched as part of its consultative culture with employees.

A dedicated Wellness Programme was then developed and is being implemented in partnership with SWABCHA and other service providers. The year 2015 represented the first full year of its implementation, for which SSA is proud to have been recognised with the award for best new programme. The CEO has been instrumental in getting this programme developed and implemented, showing a great sense of ownership and support at the highest level. Under SSA’s motto of continuous improvement the programme will be periodically reviewed and enhanced to ensure employee wellness remains a key pillar for SSA’s human resource development initiatives.